Team Waffle is a group of people that are "the most messed up group ever"


Dan Ashdown (Danny, Danny Boy, Ashdown Boy)

Clarity Ashdown (Crystal Clear, Crystal)

Teeter Cae Volan (Teet, Pipsqueak, Tiny, Midget)

Edan Ignus Volan (Joker, Baldy, Fire Boy, Onii-Tan)

Zalent Kentrel Mor (Zale, Giant, Stalker, Annoying Cheerleader, Devil Dater of Venmara)

Alvara Faine (Bossy Girl, Copperlocks, Pretty)

Jaden Calvero (Messy Boy, Dirty Boy, Peasent, Commoner)

Tytus Calvero (OSB, One Sentence Boy)

Heather Kern (Plant Girl)

Past Members of Team WaffleEdit

Seth Meuric Volan (Tomato, Joker)

Aquarius Ashdown (resident nickname caller)

Alvara Faine (Copper Locks)


If you take out a "f" in waffle then you'll get the first letters of each element.

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