The land of Mageia is organized in a very similar dating system as Earth. However, there are still many differences that dot the calendars. In Mageia, each month only has 30 days and there are no leap years. Every 600 years is known as an era. Before the Mageian people began counting eras is the time known as Pre-Era. This is a timeline of specific events that have happened across the eras of this land. You can understand the land of Mageia in more detail by clicking here.

Pre-Era TimelineEdit

  • The Five Pure Families are formed.
  • Other noble families sign contracts of fealty with the Five Pure Families.
  • Cities and towns are isolated depending on element, inter-elemental relationships were thought of as forbidden. Peace flourishes in the small villages scattered across the continent.
  • The Tome of the Elements is written and the first elemental book to be mass-published.
  • Dragons and now extinct creatures roam the untamed land.

Era TimelineEdit

1st EraEdit

  • Venmara, Elcalore, Siluvia, Glacio, and Amnicen grow rapidly into thriving cities of the Five Pure Families.
  • Amnicen rises as a central port city and people flock to trade.
  • Communication and learning spreads.

2nd EraEdit

  • Wandalow, Aulegarde, the City of Ice, Gaox, Perola, and Nevarsburg begin to expand and turn into large cities.
  • People begin to work together instead of fearing mixed lineages.
  • Erick Warlock is born in Amnicen, the first elementalist able to control all five elements.
  • Regia Ocean is charmed by Erick Warlock to be eternally peaceful.
  • Amnicen becomes the capitol of Mageia, a republic government with delegates from each large region is sent to keep the continent in order.
  • Dragons die out in Mageia.

3rd EraEdit

  • The Dark Death begins to spread around Mageia.
  • Little else is recorded.
  • The Tome of the Elements is lost in history.
  • Nevarsburg undergoes a civil war and is separated into Nevarsville and Awasburg .
  • Towns such as Thorn, Orncent, Caritas, and Quaevir are formed.

4th EraEdit

41st Tree of the 4th EraEdit

41st Star of the 4th EraEdit

41st Shadow of the 4th EraEdit

42nd Flame of the 4th EraEdit

42nd Rain of the 4th EraEdit

42nd Breeze of the 4th EraEdit

42nd Tree of the 4th EraEdit

42nd Star of the 4th EraEdit

42nd Shadow of the 4th EraEdit

  • Lucille Calvero and George Calvero disappear at sea.
  • Tytus Calvero is sent to live permanently with his uncle and cousin Jaden Calvero.

43rd Flame of the 4th EraEdit

43rd Star of the 4th EraEdit

43rd Shadow of the 4th EraEdit

  • Shamri forges the Great Weapons.
  • Iona Faine dies in Siluvia.
  • Drystan Faine disappears.
  • Nunix 5: Gregory Drew Volan dies of age/illness.
  • Atra Dies 13: The Incident breaks out over Mageia.
  • Amnicen is destroyed and anarchy spreads over the continent.
  • Venmara is ambushed. Corliss Ashdown and her husband are supposedly killed under the attack.
  • Tytus's memory is wiped and is sent to a random tiny town in the Nesaica Forest to survive on his own.
  • The Volans move into the Thornside Woods
  • Frigidens 4: Mara Lynn Volan drowns in her own power.

44th Flame of the 4th EraEdit

  • Aquarius runs away from home shortly after the Incident, followed by Dan.
  • Alvara leaves the Forest of Fin.

44th Rain of the 4th EraEdit

  • Nunix 1: PROPAGANDA narration begins.
  • Aulegarde taken over.

44th Breeze of the 4th EraEdit

44th Tree of the 4th EraEdit

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