Liorina Elsemere
Nickname(s) Liori
Gender Female
Race Human
Age 15
Birthday Aureas 30, 41nd Shadow of the 4th Era
Alliance Elsemere Family, Neutral
Party None
Eyes Sparkling purple
Hair Golden
Skin Fair
Height 5'6"
Weight 115 lbs.
Blood Type A+
Pros Mature, intelligent, elegant, beautiful, quick, selfless
Cons Hopeless romantic, easily distracted, vain, shallow, slightly oblivious
Likes Zalent Kentrel Mor, Leith Resinine, Jorek Elsemere, fashion
Peeves The Persdel Family, ugly clothes, dirty things
Gags Washboard abs
Status Active
Partner(s) Jorek Elsemere
Relationship She wishes she was in one...
Family Jorek Elsemere (brother)
Element Light
Class A
Special Abilities Lightning Manipulation
Weapons None

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