Esmund Kentrel
Nickname(s) Esmidget, Ez
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 16
Birthday MEGEIAN-MONTH #, ##th YEAR-ELEMENT of the #th Era (EARTH-MONTH ##)
Alliance Neutral
Party Team Esmund
Eyes Dark blue
Hair Dark brown
Skin Medium
Height 5'07" (170.18 cm)
Weight 153lbs (69.40kg)
Blood Type A
Pros Courageous, intelligent, confident
Cons Arrogant, easily provoked, lazy
Likes Himself, Aquarius, Relaxing
Peeves Zale, Cosplay, Dan
Gags Template:Midgets , Template:Cosplay
Status Single
Relationship None
Family Template:Alexander Kentrel (father), Template:Clarissa Ashdown (mother), Template:Zale (brother-in-law)
Element Fire
Class A
Special Abilities White fire, Fire teleportation, etc.
Weapons None

Esmund Kentrel is a human fire elementalist. He was known prior to being the son of Celosia and Alexander Kentrel before revealed to be the son of Clarissa Ashdown.{{Infobox


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