Team Waffle is the name of a team roaming Mageia. The name was coined by Aquarius Ashdown , coming from Water, Air, Fire, Fire, Light, and Earth. Although they are known for their quirky and eccentric behavior, Team Waffle is actually composed of several skilled elementalists from all five elements. Amongst their ranks is Kentrel heir, Zalent Mor and wind prodigy, Daniel Ashdown. Their full name is the Insane Waffle Maniacs.


Team Waffle existed as a nameless group that was first formed in Thorn. They journeyed to the City of Ice, the Twin Cities, and then Quaevir before finally earning the team name. From there the numbers on the team exploded, adding Zale and Tytus to their mixture of oddities. The team has been separated many times, usually by Aquarius' terrible sense of direction. Although still unrecognizable in the large continent of Mageia, Team Waffle has discovered more secrets hidden in the land than anyone and have successfully collected several shards of the Orb of Tides before their member Seth, defected, and kidnapped their leader, Alvara. They are currently helping the Kentrel-Ashdown alliance in the Five Family War to find the Sword of Flame.


  • Alvara Faine: Ex-leader of Team Waffle, a light elementalist, went missing after Seth kidnapped her at the Forest of Fin. One of Team Waffle's many goals is to find and rescue her. She is calm, serious, and organized, yet can easily be flustered when exposed to new situations. Has a relationship with Edan but in denial.
  • Teeter Cae Volan: The second member of the team, a volatile and moody wind elementalist girl in Thorn, sometimes gets the team in a bind because of blowing-up ways. However, her berry expertise and butterfly rambles is a idiosycrasy of the group.
  • Jaden Calvero: The third member of the team, a rock-earth elementalist, was originally a street rat before joining Team Waffle. Jaden is somewhat of a glutton and never seems to gain weight. He is currently a support character, helping the team in fights, but never saying too much. Has a pet Vulpis Draco named Flynn.
  • Aquarius Ashdown: The fourth member of the team, an ice-water elementalist, the acting older sister of Dan Ashdown. Originally joined the team to find her way to the City of Ice, because she has no directional sense, but eventually bonded first to Teeter as a sister, and then to the rest of the group. The primary nicknamer of the members and comic relief. Is currently engaged to Leith Resinine and lives in Glacio. Another main goal of the team is to rescue her from Leith's clutches.
  • Edan Ignus Volan: The fifth member of the team, a fire elementalist and the brother of Teeter. One of the sane members of the team, including Alvara and occasionally, Zale. Supplies the team with a warm campfire and is a skilled fire user. He is quite level-headed but enjoys joking around. Has no experience in romance whatsoever.
  • Daniel Ashdown: The sixth member of the team, a so-called wind prodigy and the real heir of the Ashdown family. He followed Aquarius in her bag and only appeared after they left the City of Ice. Has a sister complex and doesn't like boys that go near her. He had braces that gave him the wind prodigy title, but eventually lost the equipment and lost his control. Very similar to Teeter, yet originally had a fear of her.
  • Zalent Kentrel Mor: The seventh member of the team, a heat-water elementalist and the heir of the Kentrel family. He is the illegitimate son of Celosia Kentrel and Keegan Mor. Sometimes a playboy but can be serious if needed. Currently standing in as leader of Team Waffle in Alvara's absence.
  • Tytus Calvero: The eighth member of the team, a illusion-light elementalist, Jaden's cousin, and known as OSB, or One Sentence Boy. He doesn't say much except random phrases and pointers but provides the team support in battles.
  • Heather Kern: The ninth member of the team, a flora-earth elementalist, and an old neighbor of the Volans. She is usually gentle and kind, believing everyone is nice in some way, but can switch to her serious demeanor during battles. This has made her known as the "bipolar" girl who obsesses over Dan's cuteness when he wears a leopard suit. Loves her plants very much.
  • Clarity Ashdown: The tenth member of the team, a blue-fire elementalist, and the sister of Daniel Ashdown. Loves things she deems have "class" and is very mature for her age. However, is still easily scared by scary stories and cries easily. Sometimes socially awkward but has integrated herself in the team.

Past MembersEdit

  • Seth Meuric Volan: Originally the seventh member of the team, defected after kidnapping Alvara in the Forest of Fin. Didn't join the team on their adventures much anyway, instead sporadically leaving to do sketchy business. Is the brother of Edan and Teeter, a fire elementalist.


  • Jeanine Resnik: Joined Team Waffle after the fire in Thorn to try and find her cousin, Nea. Doesn't consider herself a Waffle but travels with the team. Has little confidence in her powers as a lightning elementalist.
  • Frederick "Ricky" Resnik: Joined Team Waffle when Jeanine took him along to find Nea. Likes to say "fjadttz" a lot and is very naughty, but cares a lot for his sister. Is currently a miniature baobob tree to save him from turning into a snapdragon plant.
  • Dr. Giles Trevett Ph.D: Joined Team Waffle at Jeanine's request to pose for Ricky in case they find Nea on the way. Very cocky and arrogant, thinks he's good at everything. Has a big crush on Clarity.
  • Esmund "Esmidget" Kentrel: Joined Team Waffle on their journey to find Shamri, a very prideful boy who was originally a midgeteer. Doesn't like Zale because he took his position of Kentrel heir, is a skilled white-fire elementalist.

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